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This is a property showcasing the beauty of ornamental grasses. This unique landscape design was mostly created by the homeowners, who lend a very artistic eye to the landscape. 

Varieties from small sedges to large majestic Miscanthus are planted en masse to create a unique flowing aesthetic. 

We began maintaining this property after the homeowners expressed their frustrated search for a landscape company that would give their gardens the specific detail that each plant required. 

Maintenance began in the winter months with a mission of catching up with the maintenance needs of a landscape in winter. That meant cutting back all appropriate grasses, removing dead and dying plants, and corrective fruit tree pruning. 

As spring approached the homeowners expressed a desire to remove and replace their large lawn which had declined into a large brown field. The plan was for a large traditional lawn with a no-mow grass variety border around the edges that would complement the transition to the larger ornamental grasses. 


This property had very poor soil in many areas. This required amending with compost blends that are created to break down hard solis and introduce soil life. 

This unique landscape is now growing vigorously from the regular maintenance requirements it receives, and the grasses and gardens continue to thrive to this day.