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This creekside was a parking lot for construction vehicles for over a year, which quickly became a compacted area of weeds and mud. It was an area that was monitored by environmental engineers for several years. 

We were tasked with installing a more usable and aesthetically pleasing area using only California Natives


The ground throughout the area was very compacted and required extensive time and effort just to plant a single one gallon plant. 

We created a design for a meandering pathway using small permeable gravel with California natives throughout. California Roses were planted in the rear of each side of the garden to create an enveloping exterior room feel with native Manzanitas mixed in. Several types of natives were used to showcase the beauty of California’s plant palate. Native seed mixtures are scattered in the winter each year including California Poppy’s, Blue Eyes, and other meadow natives. 

The native plant that thrives best in this area are the California Fuchsias. There are several different varieties planted, with some endemic to the Catalina Islands. The many varieties offer different leaf and flower colors with different forms and growth habits. 

Many native trees such as Live Oak and Alders were planted in the lower areas of the creek to create shade for reducing the need for any additional water. 


Today this area is thriving with some California Fuchsias reaching over 6’ tall. It is easy to walk through the meandering pathway and witness many species of butterflies and infinite honeybees. Hummingbirds have found this garden particularly attractive and walking through a hummingbird dogfight is a common occurrence.