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Redesigning the Gardens

When we began work on this property it looked as though it had been on the market for quite some time. The majority of the gardens were old, tired and unmaintained with countless irrigation leaks. 

The client expressed interest in redesigning  the overall landscape by working garden by garden. We were fortunate that the soil quality throughout the property was very good overall, so bringing in large amounts of amendment was not needed. 

3D Renderings

A priority was planting hedging along the fence lines to create privacy and to soften the stark wood aesthetic. From there we submitted 3D renderings of each garden before installing new plant material. We decided to install a mix of low maintenance natives with plants that provided color in the shade. 

Reviving the walled fountain garden was an interesting challenge as it had not been working and the plantings needed to be completely replaced with new planting mix. The irrigation needed a complete overhaul as well. Being mostly in shade we planted many Fuchsias, Bacopa and Begonias to create a flowing colorful display.