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Easy Maintenance

Keeping your yard looking its best is a full-time job. The microclimates of the Bay Area require dedicating several hours every week to trim every bush and cut every branch. Say goodbye to long afternoons spent weeding and watering — Petrus can help you build a low-maintenance yard that looks as good as it feels not to do yard work!  When you leave it to the experts at Petrus, we will refresh your yard without requiring you to do any of the heavy lifting. Contact us to learn more about our maintenance options today.

Customized Hardscaping

Whether you want a huge patio for family BBQs or a magical walkway through a colorful garden, Petrus can bring your hardscape dreams to life. We are experienced in creating sophisticated, rustic, and contemporary yards that enhance your outdoor space and make your home your castle. Work with our experienced team to select the right hardscaping materials, including flagstone, travertine, concrete, and wood. We are the Palo Alto landscape company that focuses on unique, cohesive designs for every home. Use hardscaping to show off your personality with a Petrus Landscape design.

Expert Irrigation

Irrigation keeps your yard lush, green and healthy — which is why it can be so complex.  Not to mention, every yard has its own unique requirements, such as distinct irrigation zones. Our team of experts has decades of experience designing innovative irrigation systems completely customized to your home.  Enlist the help of landscape architects in Palo Alto that know how to wield drip and spray irrigation systems to give your bushes, flowers, and lawn the sustenance they need to shine.


Expert Landscape Design in Palo Alto

Here in the heart of Silicon Valley, we incorporate the iconic layouts of luscious English lawns and the flora of exotic Mediterranean gardens. Unifying traditional European excellence and contemporary American design, we are a team of over 25 Palo Alto landscape architects with extensive training and experience. 

We have served the tech titans and Silicon Valley royalty for over three decades. We have the team, experience, and expertise to perform residential landscaping for large estates — with the efficiency of a commercial operation. We know how to fill your space with intimate tree groves, vibrant poolside petals, and enchanting outdoor spaces for entertaining. 

If you’re looking for the experts in Palo Alto landscape design, partner with Petrus.

For every home in picturesque Palo Alto, luxury landscaping is a must. Petrus is a landscaping company specializing in large estates in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have over 30 years of experience working on some of the most prestigious homes in the country. Work with us today to create your own personal backyard oasis!

Unparalleled Expertise and Experience

We have built a team that believes in excellence above all else. Collectively, our team has decades of experience working not just in landscape design but in Bay Area landscapes specifically.

Our team is fully equipped to design sprawling vineyard-sized spaces and poolside paradises. From selecting the right plants to the right patio placement, we can make your dream landscape a reality.


Call in the Experts

Search for “residential landscape design near me,” and hundreds of landscapers will pop up. But you don’t need just any old landscaping service — you need someone who knows the heart of the region. Northern California’s temperate climate is home to a wide range of sensitive ecosystems that requires in-depth knowledge, extensive training, and experience to conquer.

Palo Alto landscape design is about much more than mowing lawns and planting trees — especially in the Bay Area. Instead of working against the complex microclimates native to this beautiful region, we work with them. Our knowledge of foggy coastal zones, sun-drenched fields, and seasonal winds gives you a garden that’s simple to care for and even easier to enjoy. 

With decades of experience in landscape design, we collaborate with you to decide what to plant, where to plant, and when to plant. Our mission is to provide stunning yards 365 days per year, perfectly suited to the temperamental climate of the Golden State.

No more time and money wasted on plants that never had a chance anyway. Forget hours spent digging in the dirt, only to find wilted leaves the next day. We’ll help you design the perfect landscape for you and your yard’s needs.

Why Choose Petrus Landscaping for your Palo Alto Landscaping

There’s a reason we are a leading Palo Alto landscape design company. Not only do we care about turning traditional family yards into stunning backyard getaways, we work hard to make it your getaway. 

Find out why so many families have chosen Petrus Landscape as their go-to Palo Alto landscape company.


Landscape Lovers

To us, Palo Alto landscaping is much more than just a job — it’s our calling. Passion drives our design teams to create yards that enhance the natural splendor we love so much here in the heart of Silicon Valley. If you want a team that cares about your yard as much as you do, Petrus is the partner for you. 

Love your home. Love your yard. Contact Petrus Landscape to begin your initial design consultation today.